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A scientific deconstruction of evolution

Education systems and the media have repeatedly told us that humans and all living creatures evolved from a single-celled organism through random copying errors in the DNA (called mutations) and the reproductive filter of natural selection. This allegedly occurred over billions of years through unguided natural processes. Furthermore, we are told that the fossil record leaves no doubt that mankind evolved from ape-like creatures. Famous atheists like Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye tell us that we need to face the facts—we're nothing more than an organized assemblage of biomolecules: there is no ultimate basis for morality, no ultimate meaning to life, no free will, and no life after death; humans have no soul and we will never stand before God to give an account for our lives. As Dawkins says, "DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is. And we dance to its music." But what if the story we've been told about our alleged evolutionary ancestry is wrong, and the latest findings from modern genetics effectively falsify it?  

Would you believe it?

the film
The facts


Can we verify our scientific claims?

Creationists are often accused of not being "real scientists" even if some of us were former atheists who were research scientists at major universities like Cornell or received PhDs from Harvard in biology. Aware of this bias against creationists, we went out of our way to cite almost exclusively from mainstream peer-reviewed scientific sources—including the prestigious journal Nature, Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, and more. All of the major findings presented in DISMANTLED have been documented in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, including the following claims (and more):

  • Virtually all documented examples of beneficial mutations are caused by loss-of-function adaptations or loss-of-regulation. 

  • The accumulation of unselectable harmful mutations results in irreversible genetic damage (i.e., devolution not evolution).

  • Adaptations requiring multiple mutations (e.g., macroevolutionary changes) is a central problem for the theory of evolution. 

  • The prohibitively long waiting times for small sets of mutually defining mutations renders the ape-to-man scenario genetically impossible.

  • Evolutionary geneticists now acknowledge that the DNA differences between humans and chimps are far greater than the earlier 98-99% identity claims.

  • Worldwide studies of human Y chromosomes and maternally-inherited mitochondrial DNA reveal a genetic "Adam" and "Eve".

  • There are serious discrepancies between phylogenetically determined mutation rates and directly measured mutation rates (molecular clock dating).

  • Sequencing and analysis of Neanderthal genomes reveal interbreeding with H. sapiens, confirming Neanderthals are fully human (not a sub-human species).

  • Fossil evidence demonstrates Lucy's kind (Au. afarensis) is an invalid taxon, a mixture of Australopithecus (extinct ape type) and Homo (human) bones.

The mission


We just want people to hear both sides

How can anyone claim to have an informed opinion about the question of origins without hearing the other side?


Most people have never been exposed to the biblical interpretation of the scientific data. Around the globe, education systems and the media present the evidence from modern science exclusively within the philosophical framework of evolutionary naturalism—no alternative interpretations are allowed. Consequently, the genetic evidence supporting a literal Adam and Eve ancestry and other major origins-related events described in Genesis are largely unknown to the public. In addition, there are numerous misconceptions surrounding the creation/evolution controversy. With this in mind, DISMANTLED aims to bring clarity to the creation/evolution controversy by presenting fascinating scientific evidences that are relevant to the question of origins.

It is our prayer that countless souls will be impacted by this film. If the history recorded in Genesis is true, and we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, then this is exceedingly Good News for all who choose to put their trust in the person whom the Bible refers to as "The Last Adam", Jesus Christ. 

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